Innovation and Technology in the Healthcare Sector

By   March 16, 2017

Technological innovations comprise new products and processes and significant technological changes of products and processes. Healthcare technology is referred as all drugs, devices and medical and surgical procedures used in medical care as well as the organizational and supporting systems within which such care is provided. Innovation is a new idea, device or method. However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or even existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies or business models that are readily available to markets, governments and the society.

Here are some of the top healthcare technologies in the healthcare sector;

  1. Microchips modeling clinical trials

This is where the potential to streamline, improve and transform the healthcare system is huge, therefore this is how microchip modeling clinical trials came into use because there was an open opportunity and a need to innovate clinical trials. Microchip modeling clinical trials aims to replace the use of animals in clinical trials to accurately test the safety and efficiency of treatment for human patients and spare the lives of countless animals used in testing.

  1. Wearable technology like google glass

Dr. Rafael Grossmann was the very first surgeon to use Google Glass or in other words wearable technology while performing a surgery. As wearable technology continued to improve to better meet the needs of its users which include; healthcare providers, continue to hope that its use will impact both the experience of patients and both practitioners to better receive and administer care. Google glass and wearable technology help to improve the way healthcare such as hospitals, providers interact with patients and also patient’s relatives thereby increasing the satisfaction of patients and making doctors and other providers more effective in the event of doing their job because of the added level of communication between parties.

  1. 3D printed biological materials

There have been widespread uses of 3D printers today from guns to models of the Empire State building where the medical uses are practical and overtime could solve ongoing health issues once it’s figured out how to accurately apply them to people. There are several applications of 3D printers in healthcare such as;

  1. Embryonic stem cells
  2. Printing skin.
  • Blood vessels and heart tissue
  1. Patching a broken heart
  2. Replacement organs.
  1. Digestible sensors

Digestible sensors continue to provide healthcare professionals with more information about the human body and how various treatment solutions affect each system of organs. Therefore, a digestible sensor is a sensor that transmits information about a patient to medical professionals to help them customize the care to the individual as well as the care provided to other individuals experiencing similar health conditions or even ailments. This technology allow Continue reading »

Amazing ideas to decorate your kitchen

By   January 29, 2017

Are you in plans to decorate your kitchen but are falling short on ideas? Well here is what you can do about it. Your kitchen is much more than a space where you cook and eat. It is the place where all of the action at your home takes place, we almost live in and grow in our kitchens. It is like the heart of a home and this makes it a very important space for interior designers. Therefore, it is important that you give a lot of thought before you think of renovating, redecorating, or updating the space. Visit some of the best interior designers in Dubai, if you are staying in Dubai.

Here are some ways you can decorate your kitchen:

  • Do it in Black and white

Did you ever think of having a monochromatic palette? Yes, it is in trend and it is also very interesting. It will also add a fresh personality to the room. You can experiment the pattern with some modern black-and-white counters, they add a graphic look.

You could also make a new statement by hanging some floating shelves that will hold your frequently used tools.

  • How about some blues?

If you don’t want to go black-and-white, then you can try experimenting with blue. Blue kitchens are a popular trend these days and they add a new lease of life to your old, dull kitchens. If you are someone who likes to have an instant upgradation then you can go for a fresh coat of painting for your cabinets and shelves. Try colors like pale shade of blue or purple. It could be a great alternative to the regular sleek white look.

  • Make way for shelf space

You could be smart and use every inch of the space for space-saving storage. You could choose furniture that makes way for smart and sensible storage. If you want to add a dash of style, then you can cover up the furniture with wallpaper that coordinates with the rest of the kitchen.

  • Pep it up with colors

That is right. Choose some bright colors and go modern by embracing bold colors and glossy finishing. The most favorite choice of designers are vanilla white and cherry red. However, keep in mind to avoid visual commotion.

Looking for growth in business: Choose the right advisors

By   January 19, 2017

When it comes to your business growth, you cannot expect your employees to have all the skills and techniques required in the modern business environment, no matter how experienced they are. For any growing business, facing new problems and new opportunities is a normal thing. But overcoming those problems and turning the opportunities into favorable circumstances can be tough. And therefore the need of a business advisor arises. If you are looking for hiring the right advisors for your business in Dubai, then the are definitely the appropriate ones.

Whether your company accounts need auditing or you want to improve your business performance, the Dubai business advisors have different skills and services to help you. They can provide broad-based, general advice and support and also have experts in different areas such as accounts, law, marketing etc.

You can use the services of business advisors when something about your business changes like you have decided to start exporting, or you want to upgrade your IT systems or sell your business. Whenever you have a requirement of an expertise on a temporary basis then you can consider hiring Dubai business advisors. They can provide you an independent advice and new ways of thinking that your full-time employees cannot.

Business consultant in Dubai

Before hiring an advisor you must also decide what you need him or her for. you must analyse the problem in your company or some opportunity that your business, which you think that your existing team cannot be able to handle without support as they might not have the necessary skills or are too busy with other commitments. In order to decide what all you require from an advisor, you must involve some of the key workers to figure it out.

You together must then pen down all the particular things that you are trying to achieve for your business. Decide on objectives that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant to your overall business goals and Time-limited). Also, make sure to specify a particular budget by considering the level of your financial resources and also the importance of the problem or opportunity.

All these things will help the Business advisor to understand what you actually want from them and then create a specific business plan that can help you in achieving success and also business growth.

STUDY ABROAD- 5 Myths busted!

By   December 31, 2016

Overseas education is a very common word to hear nowadays? Yes, that’s true. Students from one country go to study abroad to add the educational experience to their wallets. Many consultants have come up today to aid in the process involved in studying abroad. Another factor for the students who go abroad to get their education is the number of scholarships or financial aid offered by the universities to international students.  Well, getting the degree from a prestigious university is important, the coursework also plays an important role in shaping up the education. Click here. But when we get to study almost the same coursework abroad, why does students prefer to study abroad? Let’s find out.


  • OVER PRICED: This is a myth many of us ponder over. The cost of the education solely depends upon the location, type of course, duration of the course and the general living expenses in the city where we study. Also, many attractive scholarships offered by the universities are very helpful to the students in curbing the cost of their education.
  • PARTYING AND FUN: It’s all about studying, learning and building the skills necessary to tackle the professional world. Many of us wrongly assume that studying abroad is all about hanging out with friends, partying hard and having a ball. But that is only a small part of the education abroad.

Study abroad consultants Dubai

  • LANGAUGE PROBLEM: This is a common misconception. There are loads of programs that require absolutely no knowledge about the language in the country. It is indeed true that we might struggle a bit moving around in the country without knowing their national language but certainly not the course.
  • JOB ISSUES: Nowadays employers increasingly want workers who can work cross country and mingle with various companies and cultures to develop a better workplace. But just listing that the student has studied abroad will not help, but the they have to showcase the skills they acquired in the course to land themselves a good job.
  • TRAVELLING: Traveling and tourism are added features to studying abroad, but it should not overshadow the purpose of studying. Enrolling classes with local students, communicating and getting more involved in their culture is an important part of studying.


Studying abroad is an important step in a student’s career. The path and the purpose plays an important role in the education. There are many consultants to guide the students but it is up to them to fulfil their purpose and go ahead with the plans they are intended to go.

Adding a “spark” to your house: Deciding on appropriate electric fittings

By   December 24, 2016

A well-lit house is a well-built house. Lights and electricity play a major role in setting up the ambience and mood of your house and making you comfortable. Electrical fittings like switches, light boxes, air conditioning conduits,  wires, etc. are essential to get right in order to set the mood of the house correctly. 

Here are some of the suitable electrical fittings which can be bought from any electrical item suppliers in Dubai:

  • Switches: Deciding on the perfect type of switches is very important. One needs to take a call on whether to get conventional or modular switches installed, in order to match the ambience of the house. These days modular switches are in vogue so it is advisable to choose those types of switches only. The switches should be of the proper material, having a high melting point and being dust-proof. Next, choose colour of the switches. Choose white colour only as white switches and plates never go out of fashion.
  • Conduits and bends: The PVC conduits are in fashion right now, hence it is advisable to install a PVC conduit, making sure that it is heavy-duty, with a thickness of no more than 2 mm. Bends used with conduits are also made of PVC and are required in large numbers for a house.

Electrical item suppliers in Dubai

  • Air Conditioning Conduits: Air conditioning is essential in today’s homes and installing the correct type of conduit is vital for optimum usage of the air conditioner. Vertical PVC 50 mm diameter conduits are best suited to run indoor air conditioners. These conduits need not necessarily be of heavy duty.
  • Switch boxes: Switch boxes act as containers to keep the conduits and wires at bay and out of sight behind the walls. Switch boxes of different sizes are provided in the rooms to receive the conduits and wiring in them. Their sizes vary from 3 inch to 12 inch in width and so in depth also. Switch boxes should be painted well, both inside and outside with anti-corrosive paint. Use of wooden boxes should be avoided.
  • Light boxes: These are made of materials similar to switch boxes and are mostly embedded in sun shades and projections and roof slabs during the pouring of concrete. These accommodate the down-looking concealed lights provided in these slabs and projections.
  • Fan Hook Boxes: The most suitable fan hook boxes are made in 16 gauge metal sheet, painted well with anti-corrosive paint and embedded in the floor slabs during the pouring of concrete. Hexa or octagonal in shape, these are provided with holes to allow the conduits to enter them.
  • Electric wires: Proper wiring of the house is essential for preventing the tenants from getting electric shocks every now and then. Multi-strand copper wires should only be chosen for wiring. The wires should then be checked for insulation, having water, fire, and high-temperature resistance. Properly insulated wires should only be used.
  • Switch plates: Switches, today, are provided with two cover plates. It should be the flush type, matching the white colour of modular switches, dustproof, easy to clean, easy to remove and re-fit and of the same brand as that of modular switches.

Thus, with these key tools and supplies in mind, one can go forth and buy the correct electric supplies with ease, and get ready to light up their house with glamour and class.Visit


Educational Consulting – What Is It And Why?

By   December 6, 2016

With the start of the globalization era, education and qualification have gained a whole new meaning. Globalization has opened the doors not only for technological transactions but also of cultural and education transactions as well. It has made it easier for aspiring students to study in the top colleges of the world.These education consultants in UAE usually have a background in educationteaching or counseling.

Today, determining the name of your college and course that you opted for over there is as important as your skills for the given job when you attend an interview. The name of a great college may immediately put you into the employer’s good books before you even made your first appearance and the name of some trashy college on your degree may sometimes even cost you your job, even though you were more efficient and skilled than that Harvard guy. The impending doom of unemployment and under employment in UAE has given rise to the fear that we are not good enough, our credentials are not good enough, and we need to be better than this if we want our dream job. This causes the mad rush for the great colleges and coaching centers for their entrance exams. And if you can’t get into the American University of Sharjah (UAE) at the undergraduate level, you need to improve your credentials by studying abroad.

Education consultants in UAE

Education consultants in UAE

This flurry of thoughts raises the need for someone who can calm the chaos, the Education Counselor. They are the academic advisors that are hired by either the parents or the school management, to help the student figure out what to study and where to study according to their individual abilities. They the help students make major decisions like joining the boarding schools that might be advantageous in future or choosing a college major according to their interests. 

As to the question of why education consultants in UAE is needed:

  •   They figure out schools and learning environment that is most suitable for the student.
  •   This makes learning fun.
  •   It is their job to discover and blossom new talents in the student.
  •   They help clarify priorities for consideration in school.
  •   Help families in finding great schools for their children.
  •   They bring firsthand information of schools, courses, and opportunities to you.
  •   They spend time with the student to explore and process best possible options for the future.
  •   Provide specialty evaluation and testing when required.

•   Optimize a student’s talent development and academic potenti

UAE Top Education Consultants

By   November 27, 2016

Nowadays, many students carry an aspiration of getting a foreign education in their hearts. Their parents are equally enthusiastic about sending their children abroad, so that they will be independent, have a global exposure and will have good career opportunities.  So, in order to get a proper guidance and assistance regarding universities and courses, they are approaching educational consultants in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

An education consultant is someone who helps students or parents or organisations with educational planning. Educational consultants,should have ample knowledge on education and should provide expert advice on the same. Educational consultants are self-employed whereas consultants hired by schools are called school consultants.

Education Consultants

Education Consultants

Responsibilities of an Educational Consultant in UAE

  1.   The mainresponsibility of an education consultant is understanding the requirements of a student.
  2.   The consultant should be able to guide the student regarding the best universities and colleges.
  3.   The consultant should be able to guide the student regarding the admission process.
  4.   They should counsel them regarding the estimated fees and estimated living expenses involved in living abroad.
  5.   If required should guide them in getting a student loan in order to meet the fee requirements.
  6.   They should guide the, regarding visa processes.They should make sure that the students submit all the necessary documents required for the visa process.
  7.   They should ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done perfectly.
  8.   On request, should be able to guide with accommodation and assist them in getting an accommodation.

Though some consultants guide students genuinely, others are not and charge lots of money in exchange for admissions in thebogusguarantee of places. The result will be Muslim students in some cases ending up inan Islamophobic communities.So the students and parents should be very careful in choosing the right university and a right educational consultant.

Things to keep in mind before choosing an educational consultant

  1.      There are endless number of consultants around. So, before choosing an educational consultant one should confirm the credibility of the consultancy.
  2.      Choose the consultancy with an excellent track record.
  3.      Choose the consultancy which gives you lots of options instead of sticking to few universities and courses.
  4.      Choose the consultancy which is reliable and which shows transparency.
  5.      Check for the client testimonies on the consultancy website.

Here is the list of top educational consultants in UAE

  1.   Intelligent partners is one of the top educational consultantsin Abu Dhabi.
  2.   Innovation world consultants.
  3.   Varsity connections
  4.   Malaysia education promotion centre
  5.   InvensisLearning
  6.   AECU distance learning
  7.   Global education management systems
  8.   Intelligent Partners
  9.   Premium quality consultants
  10.  Westbound educational services

Consider the above points and choose from the best. Happy studying!!!!

Improving the Internal Audit Process

By   November 23, 2016

A very well known process of any organization is “Audit”. So we have to understand first about the audit.

What is an audit?

An audit is a process of checking of the annual financial report by someone independent of the organization. It consists of accounting policies many notes of salaries, saving, balance, etc. Auditors in Dubai may use Microsoft software and nowadays internet is also available; so it becomes easier for all the companies.

It is of two types External Audit and Internal Audit. Here I shall describe Internal Audit (IA) and improvisations.

Internal Audit: It is a process which assures, consults and thus improves the operation of an organization, based on analyses and assessments of data. It helps to improve the effectiveness of risk management and governance process.

Auditing companies in Dubai

Auditing companies in Dubai

Improving the IA (internal process) process is a challenge for all the accounting companies in Dubai. So, here are some recommendations on this process.

Improve the technologies: at first, all the accounting companies have to update their technologies. But they have to update their software and need skillful workers in their group.  In 2016, Microsoft has updated their software with lots of new functions, so you cannot use old versions of it.

Responsibility for management: as it is a very complicated process, so it has a vital role to be played by the management. 

  • IA department should implement automated auditing continuously. It helps to provide notifications timely thus risks, and exceptions become prominent.
  • IA management should ensure that it receives sufficient and current information before setting up the output of the risks and try to update it monthly or as frequent as it can.
  • Risk management should focus on the strategy or overall business risk rather than financial and operational risk.
  • The senior management of IA system should approve, support and encourage the IA process.
  • Sometimes it is good to maintain the formal periodic process.

Values of the organization:

It helps in the prosperity of any organizations and issues on reputations. It has two parts assurance and consulting as I mentioned in the definition. It assures managers how the systems and process are designed to keep the organization on track and consults to improve that system and process.

Features of a Good Dental Clinic

By   November 21, 2016

A good smile uplifts the mood inside a room. You feel more confident, and people around you feel more comfortable when you give them a big and warm smile. A little smile can make big changes in your life. That is why having a great dental clinic is almost necessary. A good dental clinic is the one that can offer the best services and assistance to its patients. People don’t visit oral health clinics very often, and so it becomes difficult to know qualities of a good dental treatment center. And when it is about health, a wise decision has to be taken.Following pointers will help you chose the best dubai dentist.

1) Professional and Friendly Staff: The friendly atmosphere of a clinic is the biggest relief to a dental patient.Staff along with expertise dentists plays a very crucial role in creating atmosphere.They should provide friendliness and courtesy to every patient that visits them. Good vibes make you feel at ease. A good dental clinic gets its names from the best and qualified staff that they hire to do the job.

2) Professional Interior: Another important point added to the list is the Decor, that can soothe your spirit. Warm and bright colors are very much relaxing.Waiting area should be spacious along with comfortable seats.The good ambiance of that place adds a positive point.

3) Latest Tools And Services: Third important aspect of a good dental clinic is that they should have the latest equipment for the purpose and must offer quick service to their dental patients.Having latest establishment with quick services is a key point to patient satisfaction and takes the clinic a long way in providing patients with instant relief and are reassuring as well.

4) Procedures should be gently performed: A good dental clinic should have dentists who can carry out the dental procedures gently to ensure that the patients are comfortable throughout the treatment. Dentists should provide mild and professional therapy to their dental patients and assure them that things are fine. Assurances will help a great deal in calming down a person’s mind when they plan on going to the dental clinic.

If you are still on the lookout the best dental clinic around, then answer the question is the dental clinics in Dubai. The clinics have an excellent reputation and certified and experienced dental experts. They help their patients to achieve a smile they can proudly share with the world. The main aim of the dentists at the dental clinic is to provide their patients with comprehensive and advanced services to meet their needs and at reasonable rates.

So visit a Smile Dental and turn your smile into a blooming masterpiece.

Cleaning tips for the lazy human race

By   November 10, 2016

Like all the youngsters out there, I am only interested in purchasing those items that reflect my personality and temperament. I have an obsession with chic curtains when it comes to home décor. They can add a chirpy look to an otherwise dull room. My mother has an alluring sky-blue curtain that she imported from Dubai that feels as soft as silk with rich, elegant designs as its main attraction.

The main problem arises when you have to clean and maintain the curtains. But worry not; we bring you some really simple cleaning tips to help you deal with the problem. So wipe off that frown and read away one of the best ways to maintain Dubai curtains:

Work the work- Use a soft brush attachment to brush the dust that may collect during the day on your curtains. If your curtain is in off-white or any other light color, then do make sure you brush it once in few days.

curtain cleaning

curtain cleaning

What kind of a curtain do you have?

  • If you have light-weight curtains, they can be easily cleaned in washing machines with no risky endeavors on your part
  • If your curtains are made from heavy fabric, go for a steam cleaner. Make sure to start from the top of the curtains and work your way to the bottom.
  • If the curtains are made from delicate materials, it would be for the best if they are hand-washed or else there may be shrinkage. Dubai curtains have an overlock seam used for smooth end results. This makes it very delicate and should be handled carefully.
  • Smelly curtains: Make sure your curtains absorb as little smell as possible or else the bad odor can be unsanitary. If it still continues to cause trouble, the best method would be to take them off and hang them in the breeze to freshen them up. This will also help you avoid cleaning it from time to time if the maintenance is proper.
  • Wait! It’s not over yet: After you are done cleaning it, you have to dry it. Hang them out in the sun away from direct sunlight but in a breezy place. Then lightly iron it out. Shiny, crisp curtains are waiting for you!

If things go out of hand, you could always go for expert help. There are many private companies offering cleaning services for Dubai curtains.