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STUDY ABROAD- 5 Myths busted!

By   December 31, 2016

Overseas education is a very common word to hear nowadays? Yes, that’s true. Students from one country go to study abroad to add the educational experience to their wallets. Many consultants have come up today to aid in the process involved in studying abroad. Another factor for the students who go abroad to get their education is the number of scholarships or financial aid offered by the universities to international students.  Well, getting the degree from a prestigious university is important, the coursework also plays an important role in shaping up the education. Click here. But when we get to study almost the same coursework abroad, why does students prefer to study abroad? Let’s find out.


  • OVER PRICED: This is a myth many of us ponder over. The cost of the education solely depends upon the location, type of course, duration of the course and the general living expenses in the city where we study. Also, many attractive scholarships offered by the universities are very helpful to the students in curbing the cost of their education.
  • PARTYING AND FUN: It’s all about studying, learning and building the skills necessary to tackle the professional world. Many of us wrongly assume that studying abroad is all about hanging out with friends, partying hard and having a ball. But that is only a small part of the education abroad.

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  • LANGAUGE PROBLEM: This is a common misconception. There are loads of programs that require absolutely no knowledge about the language in the country. It is indeed true that we might struggle a bit moving around in the country without knowing their national language but certainly not the course.
  • JOB ISSUES: Nowadays employers increasingly want workers who can work cross country and mingle with various companies and cultures to develop a better workplace. But just listing that the student has studied abroad will not help, but the they have to showcase the skills they acquired in the course to land themselves a good job.
  • TRAVELLING: Traveling and tourism are added features to studying abroad, but it should not overshadow the purpose of studying. Enrolling classes with local students, communicating and getting more involved in their culture is an important part of studying.


Studying abroad is an important step in a student’s career. The path and the purpose plays an important role in the education. There are many consultants to guide the students but it is up to them to fulfil their purpose and go ahead with the plans they are intended to go.

Students, Here’ Why you Should be Doing your Internships.

By   August 30, 2016

Internships are a means to actually learn your job as a professional and also, in some cases, to get a job offer. Unless you are planning to go for higher studies, you would very much like that, wouldn’t you? While in the case of a student, an internship increases your chances of finding an employment and in the case of prospective employers, your internship lets them see you for your dedication, commitment, and experience to a particular job. Let us have a look at some of the perks of doing an internship:

  1. The Experience, of course

Being an intern opens up a world of possibilities to you. You get to gain experience in your field, the very same experience your prospective employer is on the look-out for. The number of employers looking for students with experience is on the rise. Try mediums like Proed world where you will find the best Education consultants in Dubai who will imply that internship improves your chances of employment. It helps you to get in touch with managers and recruiters.

  1. The Salaries

Now, your internship can be paid or non-paid. There are internships which let you intern and in turn pay you a stipend which can be of various amounts. Be it paid or non-paid, internships will no doubt help you get a higher salary than a colleague who has no prior work experience. You would not want to miss out on that, would you? You can seek help through Proed world to get an internship/work.

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              Education consultants in Dubai

  1. College Credit

There are colleges which offer a credit to your degree if you have done internships. These credits will only make your resume stand out, and this is exactly what recruiters today are looking for. Consult your department faculty or placement head to learn more about such credits. Education consultants in Dubai also offer the same advice.

  1. Building your Resume

Finally, all our work and activities make up our resume so internships will only increase the possibility of your resume being shortlisted. All types of job experiences will go on your resume, but your career-related experiences will be what your employers look for in particular.

Internships are never a waste of time. Try mediums like Proed world to find internships, gain work experience and increase your experience as well as your chances of being hired. Find a way to be an intern, consult your college faculties and get all the help you need.