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Adding a “spark” to your house: Deciding on appropriate electric fittings

By   December 24, 2016

A well-lit house is a well-built house. Lights and electricity play a major role in setting up the ambience and mood of your house and making you comfortable. Electrical fittings like switches, light boxes, air conditioning conduits,  wires, etc. are essential to get right in order to set the mood of the house correctly. 

Here are some of the suitable electrical fittings which can be bought from any electrical item suppliers in Dubai:

  • Switches: Deciding on the perfect type of switches is very important. One needs to take a call on whether to get conventional or modular switches installed, in order to match the ambience of the house. These days modular switches are in vogue so it is advisable to choose those types of switches only. The switches should be of the proper material, having a high melting point and being dust-proof. Next, choose colour of the switches. Choose white colour only as white switches and plates never go out of fashion.
  • Conduits and bends: The PVC conduits are in fashion right now, hence it is advisable to install a PVC conduit, making sure that it is heavy-duty, with a thickness of no more than 2 mm. Bends used with conduits are also made of PVC and are required in large numbers for a house.

Electrical item suppliers in Dubai

  • Air Conditioning Conduits: Air conditioning is essential in today’s homes and installing the correct type of conduit is vital for optimum usage of the air conditioner. Vertical PVC 50 mm diameter conduits are best suited to run indoor air conditioners. These conduits need not necessarily be of heavy duty.
  • Switch boxes: Switch boxes act as containers to keep the conduits and wires at bay and out of sight behind the walls. Switch boxes of different sizes are provided in the rooms to receive the conduits and wiring in them. Their sizes vary from 3 inch to 12 inch in width and so in depth also. Switch boxes should be painted well, both inside and outside with anti-corrosive paint. Use of wooden boxes should be avoided.
  • Light boxes: These are made of materials similar to switch boxes and are mostly embedded in sun shades and projections and roof slabs during the pouring of concrete. These accommodate the down-looking concealed lights provided in these slabs and projections.
  • Fan Hook Boxes: The most suitable fan hook boxes are made in 16 gauge metal sheet, painted well with anti-corrosive paint and embedded in the floor slabs during the pouring of concrete. Hexa or octagonal in shape, these are provided with holes to allow the conduits to enter them.
  • Electric wires: Proper wiring of the house is essential for preventing the tenants from getting electric shocks every now and then. Multi-strand copper wires should only be chosen for wiring. The wires should then be checked for insulation, having water, fire, and high-temperature resistance. Properly insulated wires should only be used.
  • Switch plates: Switches, today, are provided with two cover plates. It should be the flush type, matching the white colour of modular switches, dustproof, easy to clean, easy to remove and re-fit and of the same brand as that of modular switches.

Thus, with these key tools and supplies in mind, one can go forth and buy the correct electric supplies with ease, and get ready to light up their house with glamour and class.Visit