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Amazing ideas to decorate your kitchen

By   January 29, 2017

Are you in plans to decorate your kitchen but are falling short on ideas? Well here is what you can do about it. Your kitchen is much more than a space where you cook and eat. It is the place where all of the action at your home takes place, we almost live in and grow in our kitchens. It is like the heart of a home and this makes it a very important space for interior designers. Therefore, it is important that you give a lot of thought before you think of renovating, redecorating, or updating the space. Visit some of the best interior designers in Dubai, if you are staying in Dubai.

Here are some ways you can decorate your kitchen:

  • Do it in Black and white

Did you ever think of having a monochromatic palette? Yes, it is in trend and it is also very interesting. It will also add a fresh personality to the room. You can experiment the pattern with some modern black-and-white counters, they add a graphic look.

You could also make a new statement by hanging some floating shelves that will hold your frequently used tools.

  • How about some blues?

If you don’t want to go black-and-white, then you can try experimenting with blue. Blue kitchens are a popular trend these days and they add a new lease of life to your old, dull kitchens. If you are someone who likes to have an instant upgradation then you can go for a fresh coat of painting for your cabinets and shelves. Try colors like pale shade of blue or purple. It could be a great alternative to the regular sleek white look.

  • Make way for shelf space

You could be smart and use every inch of the space for space-saving storage. You could choose furniture that makes way for smart and sensible storage. If you want to add a dash of style, then you can cover up the furniture with wallpaper that coordinates with the rest of the kitchen.

  • Pep it up with colors

That is right. Choose some bright colors and go modern by embracing bold colors and glossy finishing. The most favorite choice of designers are vanilla white and cherry red. However, keep in mind to avoid visual commotion.

5 Tools to design your home.

By   February 21, 2016

Home décor may sound quite an interesting thing but it is definitely not an easy task to be performed. Designing every nook and corner of home requires serious concentration and a fantabulous mind to perform the creative blends and work out different themes in order to get the desired classy look. Hire a designer who can transform your words and visual reality. The Interior Designing Company has to be equipped with full knowledge and should have well-rehearsed employees to satisfy the requirements of their clients. Choosing an apt Interior Design Company in Dubai is a big heck as today many companies are competing with each other in terms of the quality, price, goodwill, popularity, innovativeness and timely work. Compare different parameters before making any choice. Well coming back to pleasing home decor tools, here are some suggestions which can be put in to practice:

  • Texture

Everyone knows that today texture walls have become a popular trend in every home. Either having single wall with a texture or applying texture to full room is the basic idea. Texture themes have tons of designs but selecting the ideal texture is the main task to be carried on. Texture suits well where no bright color has been used and neither any probe to decorate that corner. It may include simple lines and circles or may be like an abstract art which catches the eyes immediately.

  • Matching Furniture

A new thing developed by many Interior Design Companies is that matching the furniture color with that of the wall to make it look more spacious. It looks elegant and classy that ways where the same color furniture is placed and it often play false with the eyes regarding the space. Simple shapes of the furniture can work out in the backdrop and a flower vase can be placed to pop of bright color for pleasing the eyes or something like decorative frames.

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  • Entryways

Entryways are big things to decide. The look of the entryway should be the best as that is the first thing noticed by every guest. So as always “The First expression is the last expression”, the entryways can be well decorated with mirrors and placing a vase full of orchids in front of it. It can be left clear also with texture walls on both sides. Clear entryway is often denoted by peace and positive energy making one body to leave all worries behind and walk peacefully to the room.

  • Colors and Patterns

The bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, lobby as well as other places should be decorated with perfect color harmony to suit the mood accordingly. When ideal colors are coupled with perfect patterns regarding the ambience of each room, it totally creates positive vibes and refreshes the mood creating a mesmerising atmosphere. Color palette is most important as it affects the visual harmony.

There are many other elements as well to make your abode bliss. Many other tools can be chosen like big chandeliers for living rooms, a perfect book shelf in the living room or the lobby, decorative blinds in the kitchen and many more things. Just don’t rush to line up everything and try every combination.