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Innovation and Technology in the Healthcare Sector

By   March 16, 2017

Technological innovations comprise new products and processes and significant technological changes of products and processes. Healthcare technology is referred as all drugs, devices and medical and surgical procedures used in medical care as well as the organizational and supporting systems within which such care is provided. Innovation is a new idea, device or method. However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or even existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies or business models that are readily available to markets, governments and the society.

Here are some of the top healthcare technologies in the healthcare sector;

  1. Microchips modeling clinical trials

This is where the potential to streamline, improve and transform the healthcare system is huge, therefore this is how microchip modeling clinical trials came into use because there was an open opportunity and a need to innovate clinical trials. Microchip modeling clinical trials aims to replace the use of animals in clinical trials to accurately test the safety and efficiency of treatment for human patients and spare the lives of countless animals used in testing.

  1. Wearable technology like google glass

Dr. Rafael Grossmann was the very first surgeon to use Google Glass or in other words wearable technology while performing a surgery. As wearable technology continued to improve to better meet the needs of its users which include; healthcare providers, continue to hope that its use will impact both the experience of patients and both practitioners to better receive and administer care. Google glass and wearable technology help to improve the way healthcare such as hospitals, providers interact with patients and also patient’s relatives thereby increasing the satisfaction of patients and making doctors and other providers more effective in the event of doing their job because of the added level of communication between parties.

  1. 3D printed biological materials

There have been widespread uses of 3D printers today from guns to models of the Empire State building where the medical uses are practical and overtime could solve ongoing health issues once it’s figured out how to accurately apply them to people. There are several applications of 3D printers in healthcare such as;

  1. Embryonic stem cells
  2. Printing skin.
  • Blood vessels and heart tissue
  1. Patching a broken heart
  2. Replacement organs.
  1. Digestible sensors

Digestible sensors continue to provide healthcare professionals with more information about the human body and how various treatment solutions affect each system of organs. Therefore, a digestible sensor is a sensor that transmits information about a patient to medical professionals to help them customize the care to the individual as well as the care provided to other individuals experiencing similar health conditions or even ailments. This technology allow Continue reading »

Why Contrast Bedside Tables Are So Important to Room Decor

By   April 30, 2016

After shifting into new house, people usually opt to buy new stuff. They try to avoid the old ones. Although it is fine to move in with new stuff but you cannot avoid the old and designed products which can work as an antique in your house. Kidding! Just a humour. But still the old stuff can be used again to redesign or for refurbishment at your place. The first thing which comes into mind while decorating your house is a bedroom. Bedroom is the centre from where the radius of the house starts. There are many interior decorators which can help you out to design the interior of your house. The list of interior design in Dubai goes on. There are many companies which deal with the same and help you out to make your house the unorthodox type.

People in Dubai find it very difficult to design their house at a low cost. The designer’s demands are too much which a normal person cannot afford. But there is a list of some companies which deal with the same but at affordable prices. These days’ “bedside tables” are in trend. Before people even didn’t know about these tables but now it is getting too much attention. And if this thing is in trend, then you cannot say no as you do not have any other choice.

interior design in dubai list

The importance of these contrast bedside tables mentioned by list of interior design companies in Dubai are as follows:

· The tables offered by these companies are affordable. A normal middle class person can easily afford it. These tables add more beauty to your bedroom and make it lively.

· These contrast tables are easily available and can be bought online or you can even talk to these companies based in Dubai.

· Low price makes it the best choice among others. As told before the list of interior design in Dubai offer attractive as well as affordable products which a common man can really afford. You can easily save 50% of the total amount and invest that money in any other product for interior designing.

· These contrast tables are made of designer furniture which makes it a high quality table. And they are highly designed to match your bedroom. You can even get it manufactured according to your wish.

· You will get a wide variety of designs at these interior design companies. There are many designs which are available in the market. These bedside tables are specially manufactured to make your room stunning.

· These tables are available in different materials which contrast with your bed. You can connect with experts and discuss you requirements.

So, to get best and affordable bedside tables there is a list of interior design companies in Dubai. These experts are well known in the market and deliver whatever you ask for. These companies even provide warranty for their products. You can even put a glass flask, table lamp or anything in contrast with your bed and table. So do not hesitate to contact these companies as they are really affordable and trendy.