Improving the Internal Audit Process

By   November 23, 2016

A very well known process of any organization is “Audit”. So we have to understand first about the audit.

What is an audit?

An audit is a process of checking of the annual financial report by someone independent of the organization. It consists of accounting policies many notes of salaries, saving, balance, etc. Auditors in Dubai may use Microsoft software and nowadays internet is also available; so it becomes easier for all the companies.

It is of two types External Audit and Internal Audit. Here I shall describe Internal Audit (IA) and improvisations.

Internal Audit: It is a process which assures, consults and thus improves the operation of an organization, based on analyses and assessments of data. It helps to improve the effectiveness of risk management and governance process.

Auditing companies in Dubai

Auditing companies in Dubai

Improving the IA (internal process) process is a challenge for all the accounting companies in Dubai. So, here are some recommendations on this process.

Improve the technologies: at first, all the accounting companies have to update their technologies. But they have to update their software and need skillful workers in their group.  In 2016, Microsoft has updated their software with lots of new functions, so you cannot use old versions of it.

Responsibility for management: as it is a very complicated process, so it has a vital role to be played by the management. 

  • IA department should implement automated auditing continuously. It helps to provide notifications timely thus risks, and exceptions become prominent.
  • IA management should ensure that it receives sufficient and current information before setting up the output of the risks and try to update it monthly or as frequent as it can.
  • Risk management should focus on the strategy or overall business risk rather than financial and operational risk.
  • The senior management of IA system should approve, support and encourage the IA process.
  • Sometimes it is good to maintain the formal periodic process.

Values of the organization:

It helps in the prosperity of any organizations and issues on reputations. It has two parts assurance and consulting as I mentioned in the definition. It assures managers how the systems and process are designed to keep the organization on track and consults to improve that system and process.

Features of a Good Dental Clinic

By   November 21, 2016

A good smile uplifts the mood inside a room. You feel more confident, and people around you feel more comfortable when you give them a big and warm smile. A little smile can make big changes in your life. That is why having a great dental clinic is almost necessary. A good dental clinic is the one that can offer the best services and assistance to its patients. People don’t visit oral health clinics very often, and so it becomes difficult to know qualities of a good dental treatment center. And when it is about health, a wise decision has to be taken.Following pointers will help you chose the best dubai dentist.

1) Professional and Friendly Staff: The friendly atmosphere of a clinic is the biggest relief to a dental patient.Staff along with expertise dentists plays a very crucial role in creating atmosphere.They should provide friendliness and courtesy to every patient that visits them. Good vibes make you feel at ease. A good dental clinic gets its names from the best and qualified staff that they hire to do the job.

2) Professional Interior: Another important point added to the list is the Decor, that can soothe your spirit. Warm and bright colors are very much relaxing.Waiting area should be spacious along with comfortable seats.The good ambiance of that place adds a positive point.

3) Latest Tools And Services: Third important aspect of a good dental clinic is that they should have the latest equipment for the purpose and must offer quick service to their dental patients.Having latest establishment with quick services is a key point to patient satisfaction and takes the clinic a long way in providing patients with instant relief and are reassuring as well.

4) Procedures should be gently performed: A good dental clinic should have dentists who can carry out the dental procedures gently to ensure that the patients are comfortable throughout the treatment. Dentists should provide mild and professional therapy to their dental patients and assure them that things are fine. Assurances will help a great deal in calming down a person’s mind when they plan on going to the dental clinic.

If you are still on the lookout the best dental clinic around, then answer the question is the dental clinics in Dubai. The clinics have an excellent reputation and certified and experienced dental experts. They help their patients to achieve a smile they can proudly share with the world. The main aim of the dentists at the dental clinic is to provide their patients with comprehensive and advanced services to meet their needs and at reasonable rates.

So visit a Smile Dental and turn your smile into a blooming masterpiece.

Cleaning tips for the lazy human race

By   November 10, 2016

Like all the youngsters out there, I am only interested in purchasing those items that reflect my personality and temperament. I have an obsession with chic curtains when it comes to home décor. They can add a chirpy look to an otherwise dull room. My mother has an alluring sky-blue curtain that she imported from Dubai that feels as soft as silk with rich, elegant designs as its main attraction.

The main problem arises when you have to clean and maintain the curtains. But worry not; we bring you some really simple cleaning tips to help you deal with the problem. So wipe off that frown and read away one of the best ways to maintain Dubai curtains:

Work the work- Use a soft brush attachment to brush the dust that may collect during the day on your curtains. If your curtain is in off-white or any other light color, then do make sure you brush it once in few days.

curtain cleaning

curtain cleaning

What kind of a curtain do you have?

  • If you have light-weight curtains, they can be easily cleaned in washing machines with no risky endeavors on your part
  • If your curtains are made from heavy fabric, go for a steam cleaner. Make sure to start from the top of the curtains and work your way to the bottom.
  • If the curtains are made from delicate materials, it would be for the best if they are hand-washed or else there may be shrinkage. Dubai curtains have an overlock seam used for smooth end results. This makes it very delicate and should be handled carefully.
  • Smelly curtains: Make sure your curtains absorb as little smell as possible or else the bad odor can be unsanitary. If it still continues to cause trouble, the best method would be to take them off and hang them in the breeze to freshen them up. This will also help you avoid cleaning it from time to time if the maintenance is proper.
  • Wait! It’s not over yet: After you are done cleaning it, you have to dry it. Hang them out in the sun away from direct sunlight but in a breezy place. Then lightly iron it out. Shiny, crisp curtains are waiting for you!

If things go out of hand, you could always go for expert help. There are many private companies offering cleaning services for Dubai curtains.

Which Talent Agency Is Right For You? Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Fit

By   November 6, 2016

Breaking into the big-time showbiz scale is not easy by any scale but when you have the right talent agency behind you, it can become far easier. This is something most people forget and going solo to break into the industry isn’t such a wise idea. The people who know the industry well are going to be the ones who get you into the best auditions. However, which talent agency is going to be right for you? If you don’t know, follow these steps and they might you find the best agency.

Choose an Agency with Your Chosen Talent Niche

Do you want to be an actor or model? Are you looking to get into TV presenting or become a singer? There are different niches within the talent world and it’s important to find a talent agency that suits your needs. If you want to get into singing, you aren’t going to choose an acting agency as they specialize in actors, and vice versa, you wouldn’t choose a singing agency. Think about your chosen niche and find a suitable agency. If however you want to try your hand at all sorts then it may prove vital to use an all-purpose agency that deals with all sorts of talented individuals.

Enquire Their Fees

In most cases, you’ll have to pay a fee to be represented by an agency whether you want to become a model or actor and that is something you must be wary of. Now there will be some agencies who take a fee from whatever bookings they manage to get you and others will want an upfront fee. This can be a tricky thing as some will prefer to avoid paying money until they actually get work so it’s a personal choice. The arts in education don’t often talk about fees so it’s something to think about.

Which Talent Agency Is Right For You? Simple Steps to Find the Perfect Fit

Look At Their Reputation and History

You want to find the very best talent agency in order to break into the showbiz field and become a real star and that is a lot easier than you’d think. Also, visit this link: for more to know. When you’re searching for talent agencies you need to take a very close look at their reputation because that counts for a lot! If the agency doesn’t have a good reputation then it may not be the right option for you; then again, it is your choice. However, having a good reputation and history within this field is important so you have to do your research fully before dismissing one agency or another.

Get Recommendations

You might think you have to be in the world of showbiz in order to get recommendations for talent agencies but that isn’t the case. There are dozens of resources to turn to in order to get a good recommendation including career’s advisers and people who have been in the business. It would be useful to contact these people to get some help. If they know any top class talent agency they could recommend them to you and that would be great. Also, you can get recommendations online and from many talent agencies too that might think you aren’t the right fit.

Get to Know the People who’ll be representing you

The arts in education has really taken off in recent years but unfortunately many young people breaking through into this field don’t have a clue as to what they’re getting into. Finding a talent agent or agency can be extremely tough and many end up choosing the first people who want them as a client. However, this isn’t always good as they may not be the right fit for you personally. That is why it’s important to take time and get to know the people who will be representing you. This might sound a little strange but in actual fact, it’s a smart idea. If you take the time to see if the agency employees you’ll be communicating and working with on a regular basis can work well with you.

Don’t Rush This Decision

Everyone thinks if they don’t make a move now, it’ll spell disaster for them but that isn’t always the case. Yes, you want to get into acting or singing or whatever but isn’t it far better to wait until you find the right representatives? Of course it is because the agency who represents you will be the corner flag to your success. Without good representation you might end up failing miserably. Take your time and you’ll find the best talent agency.

3 Easy Ways to Enhance your Employment Potential

By   November 3, 2016

After graduation when you start venturing out looking for a job you realize how strenuous it is to get one. You need a job that is suitable, matches your ambition and offers robust payment systems. Mindlogicx is one of the company who helps you with all the below thing.

On the other hand, employers only want to hire experienced people, but people cannot get experience without a job. It’s a vicious cycle. But the question is what do the employers expect?

It can be really hard to impress your prospective bosses. There are certain factors that should be kept in mind while applying for a job. A well-written CV, through communication skills, a clean profile are various tools that can benefit.

Here is a list of three techniques by which you can improve your employment potential and build a professional profile:

  1. Experience: How can a newly graduate have any experience? Well, there are plenty of opportunities if you look closely i.e. Internships! Be in any field internships are crucial. They give you both exposure and experience at the same time. Part-time jobs can help too. By engaging in them, you’ll come to know about your strengths and weaknesses better. Also, you might get some extra pocket-money at the same time.

  1. Education: After a proper placement we hardly consider going back to studies. But continuing your education is one of the greatest decisions that will help improve your potential and build a better, brighter profile. One is never too old to learn more. Engaging in different courses will let you explore your potential even further. It can also help you avail better payment systems with renowned organizations. Also, it’s never too bad to have an extra degree, right?
  1. Look: Never stop looking for better and greater opportunities. They might come your way anytime. Make use of the connections you’ve built over the time; they might help too. Never settle down for something unsatisfying, make 3-4 year plans. Be competitive. Keep seeking new avenues; keep looking until you find your dream job. Trust us; it will be all worth the pain!

Building a good profile is not an easy task. It’s a constant battle until you achieve your desired goal. Hard work, consistency, honesty and dedication should be your four pillars to reach better payment systems.

Proper guidance from a career counselor can always help you do better. They can suggest/ advice you time and again and keep you motivated. Be patient and calm since the process takes time. Keep working hard to make yourself better and you’ll never fail to make a mark.

Easy ways to turn your outdoor area into a haven with

By   November 1, 2016

Do you like spending quality time with your family and friends? Do you like strolling in the greens but can’t step out of house all the time? Well you can do this at home and have a bomb of time! Your backyard or the outdoor area of your home is ideal to spend some time. You can enhance your outdoor area with a few useful tips.

Here are some tips from the top interior furniture providers in Dubai:

Take note of the things in your yard: You can start off by noting down the permanent features of your outdoor space. Your outdoor space may already be equipped with a porch, a patio or a deck. Well, this is definitely a good beginning. Note down if your space has large trees or shrubs, also note the areas with sun and shade. Once you get a clear picture, you can come up with different ways to build the rest.

Outdoor interior furniture in Dubai

Outdoor interior furniture in Dubai

  1. You can make your porch or patio look brand new with a simple trick, painting it! You can prep it up by adding some ivy or morning glory. You can also get your overgrown trees and shrubs trimmed into ripe finery. If you want to put a barrier to the unwanted noise coming it, you could also plant a fast-growing hedge. This will also give you ample privacy.
  2. Don’t take up a lot of work: Remember that it is more fun if you have less work. In order to avoid constant pruning, you need to pick shrubs that grow to the height that you want. You can also pick plants that comply with your sunlight needs. By keeping the yard work to the minimum, you are only doing yourself a favor.
  3. Consider your family: Everyone in the family is important! Understand this fact and consider the tastes and choices of everyone. This is important so each family member enjoys the outdoor space as much. Keep this in mind and come up with an appealing space that serves everyone in the family. Also have a nook where your family can enjoy board games while having coffee or tea. The most important thing is to create an inviting space. Do that and thank us later say HTS Interiors, the best interior and furniture provide in Dubai.
  4. Make place for cozy conversation: For any family to be happy and open, proper communication is key. Therefore, it is important that you plan a spot that will foster family bonding. Plan having a cooking area that seats several people, has matching chairs, and a fire pit. This will make for a party like environment that allows some family time.
  5. Flowers vs. Food:  Who doesn’t wish to have a garden that is both visual and functional? The perfect solution for this is to have a basic vegetable garden.

How To Start A Pet Shop Online

By   October 11, 2016

Everybody wants to bask in the glory of owning a quadruple or a winged chum to share his darkest secret. We all have memories of tickling the puppies beneath their chin. No job can be as satisfying as being the proud possessor of a pet shop who helps in making the people around him make memories with these creatures. Before starting up an online pet shop in Dubai one needs to cross-question himself that is it really what he wants to do? Will he be able to manage the responsibility of all the pets in his shop to the best of his abilities? Are the resources needed in setting up this business in his control?

One of the perks of starting an online pet shop in Dubai is the awesome people around that one gets to interact and work with. Though this job is a really enjoyable one, a lot of things have to be taken care of at the advent of this business. Some of the chores on the to-do list of any person to help him start a pet shop online are stated as follows.

  • Setting up short-term and long-term business goals

Settings up goals always give a person the reason to work harder day and night to reach the zenith of success. Having a detailed knowledge about the same also helps in allocating work to the employees and it also helps to keep a check on the financial matters. This time, also lets an owner help to ponder over the question that what kind of pets he would be trading in?

  • Kick starting the business

Starting up an online pet shop in Dubai needs to have some topmost priorities of an owner like having a proper billing structure, marketing strategy, tracking the potential financiers and clients. The business also needs to be registered with Internal Revenue Service, licenses should be obtained and employees such as accountants should be hired who are willing to work above and beyond the call of duty.

  • Getting financial help if required

Starting up any business involves taking risks and chances and setting up an online pet shop in Dubai also requires the same. Initial investments are the not the only investments that one might have to look after. Additional funds might also be needed many times. To get additional help one can always turn to banks or potential financiers.

Oncologist in Dubai- Probable causes of cancer

By   September 22, 2016

Cancer is one of the most dreaded disease of all. It can be simply defined as the development and growth of the strange cells in the body, which hinders the functioning of organs and tissues within the body. This uncontrolled growth can lead to permanent damage of the organ and  can ultimately cause death if left untreated.

A cancerous tumor is thought to be developed by a single abnormal cell. What seems to cause this abnormality is the damage or alterations caused to the vital genes, which control the division and multiplication of cells. Their is an expert team of oncologists from everywhere around the world who are researching on different types of cancers and finding out preventive and curative measures for different types of cancer. These expert oncologist in Dubai share the following reasons that can cause cancerous tumors in you.


Chemical carcinogens

A carcinogen can be anything from a chemical, to a radiation that has the capability to damage a cell and turn it into a cancerous cell. And the more you are exposed to carcinogens, the greater is the risk to develop cancer. A few of the carcinogens may include:

  • Smoke of tobacco: if you smoke, your risk of developing cancer of mouth, lung cancer, throat cancer and different other cancer types is increased.
  • Chemicals of workplace: if  work in a factory or a mill, where you are exposed to different chemicals including,   asbestos, benzene, formaldehyde, etc. without any protection, then you have an increased risk of developing certain cancers.


Your age is another probable factor that increases your risk of developing certain cancer types. As you get old, you may accumulate the damage caused to cells in the body over time. Along with that, the body’s defense mechanism, immune system and other body repair systems also weaken with time, hence raising the risk of developing cancer.  


Your daily lifestyle factors can also lead you to developing cancer. Eating too much fatty and processed foods can raise your chances of developing some types of cancer. Plus a lethargic lifestyle also increases this risk. You therefore must eat fresh fruits and vegetables in a great quantity to increase the amount of antioxidants in your body, which helps in warding of cancerous cells in your body. In addition to that you must keep yourself as active as possible, to keep every cell of your body as active as possible.


Abnormal genes or genes that may trigger a cell malignant or cancerous is also one of the reasons that causes cancer. A child may inherit these cancer causing genes and develop any particular kind of cancer during his childhood or as he grows old.

Students, Here’ Why you Should be Doing your Internships.

By   August 30, 2016

Internships are a means to actually learn your job as a professional and also, in some cases, to get a job offer. Unless you are planning to go for higher studies, you would very much like that, wouldn’t you? While in the case of a student, an internship increases your chances of finding an employment and in the case of prospective employers, your internship lets them see you for your dedication, commitment, and experience to a particular job. Let us have a look at some of the perks of doing an internship:

  1. The Experience, of course

Being an intern opens up a world of possibilities to you. You get to gain experience in your field, the very same experience your prospective employer is on the look-out for. The number of employers looking for students with experience is on the rise. Try mediums like Proed world where you will find the best Education consultants in Dubai who will imply that internship improves your chances of employment. It helps you to get in touch with managers and recruiters.

  1. The Salaries

Now, your internship can be paid or non-paid. There are internships which let you intern and in turn pay you a stipend which can be of various amounts. Be it paid or non-paid, internships will no doubt help you get a higher salary than a colleague who has no prior work experience. You would not want to miss out on that, would you? You can seek help through Proed world to get an internship/work.

Education consultants in Dubai

              Education consultants in Dubai

  1. College Credit

There are colleges which offer a credit to your degree if you have done internships. These credits will only make your resume stand out, and this is exactly what recruiters today are looking for. Consult your department faculty or placement head to learn more about such credits. Education consultants in Dubai also offer the same advice.

  1. Building your Resume

Finally, all our work and activities make up our resume so internships will only increase the possibility of your resume being shortlisted. All types of job experiences will go on your resume, but your career-related experiences will be what your employers look for in particular.

Internships are never a waste of time. Try mediums like Proed world to find internships, gain work experience and increase your experience as well as your chances of being hired. Find a way to be an intern, consult your college faculties and get all the help you need.


Top resources for electrical engineers.

By   August 4, 2016

Easily stated as one of the toughest engineering department, Electrical Engineering is an asset for the people with an interest in it. Growth and Interest is always proportional. If an engineer drives his interest in the desired way, growth is inevitable. To make it the continuous flow of thoughts, we must be in regular touch with the ongoing prospects of the world. There are many online works, regularly mentored. Hence technological advancements must be as easy to recognize as a click. The urge to be informed, inspired and entertained is well quenched.

While few Electrical Engineers have animpeccable interest in fields like PCB Designing, some admire a totally different field of Optically transmitting the signals using multiple cables, or Cable trunking. This is a widely popular aspect that the guys like you admire to work upon. Being passionate students in Schools, Colleges and even while pursuing a job, certain guiding is helpful. There are systematic materials available over internet but are sometimes hard to locate. Some of them is Bonn group which provide all types of cable management systems.

Electrical Engineering

                     Electrical Engineering

Through this passage, I would try to make you aware of some such fantastic sites to find. Certainly would help you out.

  • Electronics Blog: Kept regularly by R. Vivek. He is an engineer from India, and he shares his work and other relevant electronics and electrical projects. Also serves well in the field of Robotics.
  • OpenElectrical Blog: consists of tons of regular news and updates in Electrical World.
  • Zentech Blog: driven by Zentech Manufacturing Inc., it offers great knowledge Printed Circuit Board(PCB) Assembly, design and Testing.
  • IEEE Spectrum: Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers(IEEE) Spectrum covers “the latest technology news and analysis from world’s leading engineering magazine.” A valuable source of news and information, it is a frequently updated, comprehensive news outlet for the engineering world. You’ll find everything from Silicon Valley news to biotech, hackers, and solar wind power is covered in-depth at IEEE Spectrum. If you’re looking to keep your finger on the pulse of the engineering world, this is the blog for you.
  •  Brings the crux of all sections of engineering together, includes videos, voices, featured section, games, and puzzles. Therefore, overall vision is possible.
  • Engineering Expert Witness Blog: Authored by Philip J. O’ Keefe. This is one of the most valued expert blog available online.
  • 3D Electrical Services: Great site for all options to search starting from technology to school projects.

Internship and Job search Keyword to search:

  • Adafruit: Job board for designers, makers, programmers, artists and engineers
  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE): This is well-reputed job site of the IEEE for internship
  • National Science Foundation REU Sites: The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program supports active research participation by undergraduate students in any of the areas of research funded by the National Science Foundation
  • Dice: A leading career site for technology and engineering professionals
  • Pathways to Science: For searching and opting programs such as undergraduate summer research and training opportunities, graduate fellowships, postdoctoral positions, as well as resources and materials for referring, recruiting and mentoring.
  • Research Gate: Network dedicated to science and research. Perfect place for connection, collaborating and discovering scientific papers that published, jobs and conferences
  • A large-scale engineering job-search engine that comprises of many companies use to find new talent
  • Engineering Central: Lists worthyengineering positions and resumes across all engineering disciplines throughout