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Nowadays, many students carry an aspiration of getting a foreign education in their hearts. Their parents are equally enthusiastic about sending their children abroad, so that they will be independent, have a global exposure and will have good career opportunities.  So, in order to get a proper guidance and assistance regarding universities and courses, they are approaching educational consultants in Abu Dhabi & Dubai.

An education consultant is someone who helps students or parents or organisations with educational planning. Educational consultants,should have ample knowledge on education and should provide expert advice on the same. Educational consultants are self-employed whereas consultants hired by schools are called school consultants.

Education Consultants

Education Consultants

Responsibilities of an Educational Consultant in UAE

  1.   The mainresponsibility of an education consultant is understanding the requirements of a student.
  2.   The consultant should be able to guide the student regarding the best universities and colleges.
  3.   The consultant should be able to guide the student regarding the admission process.
  4.   They should counsel them regarding the estimated fees and estimated living expenses involved in living abroad.
  5.   If required should guide them in getting a student loan in order to meet the fee requirements.
  6.   They should guide the, regarding visa processes.They should make sure that the students submit all the necessary documents required for the visa process.
  7.   They should ensure that all the necessary paperwork is done perfectly.
  8.   On request, should be able to guide with accommodation and assist them in getting an accommodation.

Though some consultants guide students genuinely, others are not and charge lots of money in exchange for admissions in thebogusguarantee of places. The result will be Muslim students in some cases ending up inan Islamophobic communities.So the students and parents should be very careful in choosing the right university and a right educational consultant.

Things to keep in mind before choosing an educational consultant

  1.      There are endless number of consultants around. So, before choosing an educational consultant one should confirm the credibility of the consultancy.
  2.      Choose the consultancy with an excellent track record.
  3.      Choose the consultancy which gives you lots of options instead of sticking to few universities and courses.
  4.      Choose the consultancy which is reliable and which shows transparency.
  5.      Check for the client testimonies on the consultancy website.

Here is the list of top educational consultants in UAE

  1.   Intelligent partners is one of the top educational consultantsin Abu Dhabi.
  2.   Innovation world consultants.
  3.   Varsity connections
  4.   Malaysia education promotion centre
  5.   InvensisLearning
  6.   AECU distance learning
  7.   Global education management systems
  8.   Intelligent Partners
  9.   Premium quality consultants
  10.  Westbound educational services

Consider the above points and choose from the best. Happy studying!!!!

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